Conservation Grazing & Longhorn Beef

To supplement the environmental contracting side of the business we run our own herd of pedigree Longhorn cattle. The cattle enterprise forms a very rewarding side of our business and we take great pride in utilising the cattle to manage grassland in a traditional and environmentally sustainable way. 

We judge the success of this side of the business in several ways, the diversity of plant and animal life in our meadows, economic sustainability, and ultimately the beef we produce.  Our cattle have a long and healthy life – we only feed them on grass (and hay, conserved grass in the winter) and we don’t slaughter until they are three years old, that’s about twice as old as conventional modern systems.  As a result our beef truly provides a unique eating experience – if you are going to include meat in your diet, we believe it should be the best!

We sell our beef direct to the consumer cutting out inefficiencies in the supply chain!  We only sell our beef in a 16th of a carcass balanced box. That is to say you receive an even share of all of the cuts as a 16th of the whole carcass.  Our boxes therefore always contain each cut, beautifully butchered and packaged ready for your freezer.   Typically one of our finished longhorns when cut and packed will result in your 16th of the carcass being approximately 12kg.  This will include a mix of silverside/topside/brisket, sirloin/rump/sandwich steaks/braising steak, burgers, mince and casserole cuts.

If you would like to reserve a beef box please contact us.